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+38 (04332) 520-87 +38 (04332) 200-28
LLC ZCRP "Express" 1 Shekinskaya, Zhmerynka, 23100, UKRAINE
Repair of Passenger Cars
The Car-Repair Plant “ Express ” ( in Zhmerynka) provides all services for current and capital repair of passenger wagons.
3 reasons to order the repair of passenger cars from us

The Car-Repair Plant “ Express ” ( in Zhmerynka) provides all services for current and capital repair of passenger wagons. Timely removal of damaged details allows enterprises to reduce the cost of purchasing new wagons.

There are a lot of modern workshops, which are supplied with all special equipment on 32 thousand square meters of the Car-Repair Plant. At this enterprise work highly qualified employees with a great experience. Due to this, the enterprise “Express “ provides the professional repair of passenger wagons with exact observance of the agreed terms.

To order the overhaul of passenger wagons such as KWP and KRP at the plant “ Express” you can order a callback or click on the button “ To contact the administration”.

List of repair work

Zhmerynka Car-Repair Plant provides also all types of work to restore functional characteristics of passenger wagons:


The overhaul provides to extend the service exploitation of passenger wagons. It includes also the repair of bodywork, brake system, wagon generator drive and other elements.


The overhaul of extending service life. While repairing, all parts are replaced, that are out of order and the interior of passenger wagons is being updated.

In the process of overhaul, they provide other types of work, which are not shown in this list. To require the whole list of the overhaul, that are carried out by the specialists of the enterprise “ Express”, you can use the button “ To contact the administration”. You may ask any questions that you are interested in or request expert advice using the option “ Callback.

The profitable cooperation with the enterprise “ Express”

The enterprises, that cooperate with the plant “ Express” on a permanent basis, trust us because:

  • the plant is certificated to carry out repairs of passenger wagons;
  • we are a private enterprise, therefore we value our reputation and we carry out the work quantitatively;
  • we observe terms and agreements.

To order any type of repair of passenger trains, click on the button “ To contact the administration” or request a callback.

Zhmerynsky car-repair plant LLC "Express"
The enterprise has more than 15 hectares of land. 32 thousand square meters – the production area of ​​only the main shops. We have implemented and successfully performed work on the overhaul of wheel sets, trucks, as well as passenger cars, diesel-train
Repair of Passenger Cars