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The Overhauling of Locomotives
Locomotives of TEM, TGM, TGK ( ТЭМ,ТГМ,ЧМЭ,ТГК) types except regular maintenance need the recurrent complete overhauling.
The advantages of diesel locomotive repair at "Express"

Locomotives of TEM, TGM, TGK( ТЭМ,ТГМ,ЧМЭ,ТГК) types except regular maintenance need the recurrent complete overhauling. It is necessary because of the irreversible run-out of the separate functional parts of the given type of railway transport. Timely servicing КR-1 and KR-2 increases safety of locomotives movement and is able Locomotives of ТЭМ, ТГМ, ЧМЭ, ТГК types except regular maintenance need recurrent complete to restore the unit's service life by 80-90%.

Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant “Express” carries out basic types of complete overhauling of locomotives of ТЭМ, ТГМ, ЧМЭ, ТГК types of all indices and of type ТГМ-23В with the change of engine ЯМЗ-236. To get acquainted with actual prices for these and other services you can download the official price-list of the plant.
To order complete overhauling of locomotives, please press the button “Contact the administration” or use a callback option.

Compulsory works

In the course of complete overhauling KR-1 the specialists of Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant carry out all types of works that are provided by normative documents including the following:

  1. Assessment o of the internal parts, as well as their subsequent repair.
  2. Replacement of faulty elements.
  3. Evaluation and revision of other locomotive units.
  4. To restore the basic performance of the unit.

The purpose of this repair is complete restoration of the locomotive’ operability. In the course of KR-1 is also carried out a set of repair measures aimed at correction of crew cabin, diesel block, hydraulic transmission, electric units and basic equipment.

Works carried out within the overhauling KR-2 also cover the whole process of KR-1 and additionally:

  • full disassembly and inspection of all details and blocks of locomotives;
  • recovering of all run-out modules and parts;
  • damaged details change.

KR- 2 repairing means recovering of all defected parts according to the technical schemes. Each type of repairs includes painting of a locomotive.

The Enterprise “Express”- Quality and Reliability

Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant is equipped with the necessary equipment for carrying out qualitative complete overhauling of locomotives ТГМ, ТГК, ТMЭ, ЧМЭ of all indices. Express LLC has also passed a compulsory certification.

If you want to order the complete overhauling of locomotives, please use the callback option or “Contact the administration” of Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant.

The Overhauling of Locomotives
Zhmerynsky car-repair plant LLC "Express". The enterprise has more than 15 hectares of land. 32 thousand square meters – the production area of ​​only the main shops. We have implemented and successfully performed work on the overhaul of wheel sets, truc
The Overhauling of Locomotives