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The Overhaul of Electric Trains
Zmerynka Car-Repair Plant carries out all types of electric trains overhaul such as ER2, ER9, EPL9, ED2, ED9 and other.
Favorable conditions for the overhaul of electric trains

Zmerynka Car-Repair Plant carries out all types of electric trains overhaul such as ER2, ER9, EPL9, ED2, ED9 and other. Timely removal of defects and malfunctions provide the reliable operation of the railways transport and extend the staying in service its exploitation.

The specialists of the plant “ Express” have mastered the overhaul of KR-1, KR-2 and KR-2M. The technological process is carried out in accordance with international quality standards ISO 9001-2009.

To order the overhaul of electric trains, please contact us by ordering a callback or click on the button “ To contact the administration”, which is on the top of the website. You can also download the pricelist and see the prices for all types of repairs and other services.

What is included in the repair?

The overhaul of KR-1 includes the following required works:

  • Body repair damaged by corrosion.
  • Necessary repair of internal parts of the car’s construction.
  • Repair of all internal elements, including electrical cabinets, doors, windows and other.
  • Repair of all pneumatic and brake equipment
  • Repair of the engine and secondary auxiliary electric machines.
  • Repair of all types electrical equipment.
  • Repair of gearboxes, carts, wheel-motor unit, frame and other.

The repair of KR-2 consists of works, which are required for KR-1 and includes the following:

  • Full dismantling and disassembly of internal and undercarriage carcass;
  • Cleaning the car from paint and dirty by mechanized way;
  • Replacement of internal and external units.

KR-2 provides the application of anti-corrosion coating layer painting, replacement the floor surface with special PVC linoleum and repairing various damaged elements.

“ Express”- it means reliable specialists

The overhaul of electric trains is hampered by the fact that each model has its own technical differences. In the trains of different series are also used different electronic systems, including old and completely discontinued. The specialists of the plant “ Express” are forced to show ingenuity and all their professional skills in order to carry out repairs in a quality and on time. At the same time innovative equipment and modern materials are used

To order the overhaul of different types electric trains in “ Express” you should click on the button “ TO contact the administration” or use a callback.

Zhmerynsky car-repair plant LLC "Express".
The enterprise has more than 15 hectares of land. 32 thousand square meters – the production area of ​​only the main shops. We have implemented and successfully performed work on the overhaul of wheel sets, trucks, as well as passenger cars, diesel-train
The Overhaul of Electric Trains