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LLC ZCRP "Express" 1 Shekinskaya, Zhmerynka, 23100, UKRAINE
The History of the Plant

The history of Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant” Express”  started in 1870. At that time the building of new railway line Kyiv-Balta-Odesa had just been started. To maintain and repair the increasing number of cars it was decided to build specialized repair workshops. After that the enterprise grew to larger scale of national importance.

It happened in 1934 when the plant expanded the scope of rendered services and started repairing cars with wooden bodies as well as producing spare parts for rolling stock. The specialists of Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant were properly appreciated and the orders came from the whole territory of the Soviet Union.

Hard Wartime

But During the period of the Second World War the enterprise had hard times. From 1941 till 1944 the plant was evacuated to Kanash.  The plant suffered from an economic decline as the whole country  and some of its buildings were destroyed.

But starting from 1944 all production facilities were returned to their home town. To restore the work to full capacity, a long process of restoration and reconstruction was needed.

The vector of development is set

The year 1989 became an important stage of the history of the plant. At that time the plant staff bought main funds of the plant and made it possible to make the first step on the way to full-fledged independent activity.

The period between 1994 and 1997 can be right named a breaking point in the development of” Express”. During this time its workers mastered and launched promising production lines that made possible again to take the leading positions among the railway -car repair enterprises of Ukraine.

New era of Express

From the second part of the 2000s Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant had been swiftly developing. Presently the enterprise owns more 15 hectares of land with 32 000 m2 being its production area of main workshops only.

We have launched and are successfully doing the works on complete overhauling of wheel pairs, freight and passenger cars, diesel and electric trains, locomotives. More over the enterprise provides repairing of rolling stock of railway transport and of diesel trains of D1 and DR-1 category.

High qualified specialists well cooperate in a friendly team of the plant. We are not afraid to face any difficulties having such a staff.

Development chronology of “Express “

1870 The date of the establishment of Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant
1934  The enterprise expanded its specialization and started repairing freight cars with wooden bodies
1941 Temporary evacuation to Kanash because of the war.
1944  Production facilities were moved back to Zhmerynka and the restoration process had been launched.
1989 The plant staff bought the main funds of the enterprise that gave a good start for its successful independent activity.
1994 New repairing facilities were mastered and launched.
2017 The plant holds leading positions among the Ukrainian enterprises and cooperates with enterprises from the CIS countries and near abroad.

During its almost 150-year’ history Zhmerynka Railway-Car Repair Plant has achieved significant results. But the enterprise keeps developing and launching new technologies for continuous improvement of work quality.